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The Delight & Be Shop exists to serve you with product that is trendy, high quality and truly created with you in mind. The best part is that every dollar spent, is a dollar invested into changing a girl’s life forever. 


Delight & Be is a community of young Christian women who strive to glorify our Heavenly Father through the creative arts and entrepreneurship. We are passionate about expressing who our Creator is through the gifts and talents that He has given us, in order to share the hope that is Jesus Christ. 

We are a non-profit that is intentional about discipling young women and encouraging them to pursue the calling that God has placed within their hearts. We desire to see them thrive and glorify God through using the gifts that He has given them by doing what they love.

The Delight & Be Shop is a branch of Delight. Since Delight is a non-profit, it is completely funded by donations. Every dollar that is made through the store will go back into Delight, 100%. Our goal is to create incredible designs, work with the best quality, and create products that make you feel confident in who God has called you to be. 

Every product is created with YOU in mind. We want you to feel beautiful, loved, and fearless. The incredible thing is this - not only do you receive a high-quality, stunning product, the money you are investing into Delight is truly changing the lives of girls all over the world. 

So what are you waiting for? That t-shirt is calling your name. 



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